About me

Soooo…. Hi!…. hmm… sounds a bit fleet, doesn’t it? It’s only myself I’m introducing, kind of a big deal. People tend to think introducing oneself is an easy thing to do, I think otherwise. It’s one of the hardest things, I never know where to start. My name? Maxine, but people call me Maxx or whatever non-insult thing they can come up with. So does my name define who I am? No, not really. My age? twenty-two, but I found age really is but a number. I’m friends with people who’s ages range from 5 ’till almost 80 and I absolutely love the different views they have on life and the world. My gender? You might think that gender is something indisputable. For me it never seemed that way. I like to think of myself as human. But for your information, I’m a girl not yet a woman. My sexuality? I think of other people as I think of myself, all human beings. So do I pick boys over girls or the other way around? I don’t. I like humans, especially humans who live life in a respectfull way. There are a lot of other questions I could answer for you. Where do you live? The Netherlands. Do you have siblings? Yes, a little sister. Do you have pets? Yes, a black labrador retriever named kathy. Do you study? Yes, I do. I study law. Any hobbies? Well yes, I like to do a lot of things in my free time, top three: Reading, Drawing and Writing.

All these facts about me are true. They aren’t the facts I want to be known for though. So let me conclude this rambling with a list of a few facts I find important ( no particular order):

1. I like to start conversations with elderly people in the tram.

2. I’m stubborn ( not always a good quality to have),

3. I like to help people in any way possible.

4. I’m proud to say that I like myself most of the time ( this wasn’t the case for a long time).

5. I sure have a lot of opinions but I like you to show me a different look on things.

6. I respect you untill you prove I shouldn’t. My respect isn’t something you earn back easily.

7. I love my family and friends.

8. I’m an intelligent person ( this might sound arrogant but I can assure you I’m not trying to be).

9. I try not to judge people.

I hope you’ll enjoy the rest of my blog! 


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