My dearest friend.

Hi y’all!

IMG-20141003-WA0000I don’t really know where to start, so I’ll just begin. Yesterday evening my dog had to be put to sleep. She became very sick in a very short period of time.  There were some old age ailments already, she was twelve, but she could live happily with those and did. This was different, we were told she probably wasn’t in a lot of pain right at that moment but would be very very soon. There was also the chance of a painful heart attack.

The vet said he could try and operate but it would be painful for her and he wasn’t sure he could do anything for her. Thereby, my mom decided long before this that she wouldn’t put Kathy through any of that. Maybe when she was young she would’ve, in the case of a minor procedure. This left us with the option of euthanasia, the best option.

All of this happened in a very short period of time and I still haven’t really processed it all yet. I still can’t believe it really. I guess this also has something to do with the fact that she didn’t live with us anymore this last year. My parents moved to the city and we all thought it was mean to move her into a flat. She was used to the countryside and as a labrador it was the best place for her. The parents of my best friend were so kind to take her in. They live at the edge of a village with enough space for Kathy to run around in. I visited her a few times and I never doubted she had a good home with them. It’s very strange to think I will never visit her again, never cuddle her again.

Kathy was the best dog we could ever wish for. She was a very friendly but also a bit rebellious. We spoiled her a little and she only really listened when there weren’t more interesting things around. She loved to cuddle ( we did too). She made you feel better when you were sad. She was a loyal dog too but in her eyes the whole world was her friend and they often were indeed. A lot of people loved her, we loved her. I will mis her immensely. Maybe to some Kathy was just a dog, but to me, she was a friend.

Thank you Kate.


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3 Responses to My dearest friend.

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    Hi there! Maybe you’ve noticed that I didn’t post anything the last few days, here’s why.

  3. Sam Fish says:

    Kathy will be missed. Loved her ❤

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