The Smaxx Project 2.0

Hello everyone!

I’m awfully late in wishing you all the best for 2015 but still; Happy new year, I wish you all the best!

Sam and I came up with the Smaxx project in December 2013 and started reading the first book in January ’14. It’s sort of surreal to think that we’ve been doing this project for over a year now. This experience has been one of the best things about 2014 and I’m sure it will be just as amazing in 2015.

Some things are going to be different though. Last year we didn’t really know which books we were going to read next, we surprised each other every month. This year we know exactly which books we are going to read. We made a list of books linked to chosen categories.

Enjoy The Smaxx Project 2.0!!

P.s. You can click on the month to get more info about the book that we’re reading

Book you own but have never read
Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy
Douglas Adams

A memoir
Not that kind of girl
Lena Dunham

Book of short stories
The bloody chamber and other stories
Angela Carter

Book set somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit
The bone people
Keri Hulme

Book by an author you’ve never read before
The first fifteen lives of Harry August
Claire North

Book you can finish in a day
Lois Lowry

Book that came out in the year you were born
Ghost girl
Torrey L. Hayden

Book at the bottom of your to-read list
R.J. Palacio

Book with one word title
Jerry Spinelli

Pulitzer Prize winning book
The brief and wondrous life of Oscar Wao
Junet diaz

Book set during Christmas
The autobiography of Santa Claus
Jeff Quin

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