May – the five people you meet in heaven

Morning everyone ( I’m a student so I can say good morning at any time I please),

To fresh up your minds ( and mine), may’s book was ‘The five people you meet in heaven’ by Mitch Albom. I am terribly late with reviewing this book although I finished it before Sam, believe it or not. This fact kinda makes it worse doesn’t it, me being late? But like I said before, better late than never! Before I tell you what I thought of the book, a little part of the twenty-seventh page (old habits die hard):

She puts his hat back on his head. Later, she will walk him along the pier, perhaps take him on an elephant ride, or watch the fishermen pull in their evening nets, the fish flipping like shiny, wet coins. She will hold his hand and tell him God is proud of him for being a good boy on his birthday, and that will make the world feel right-side up again.

The story is about a man named Eddie, 83, and begins with him dying. He worked in an amusement park at Ruby Pier, he worked there for all of his life. In his last moments he tries to safe a little girl from being crushed by a malfunctioning attraction. You don’t find out if the girl lives yes or no until the end of the story. Unfortunately, Eddie doesn’t survive. He wakes up in a teacup located at a different Ruby Pier, the Ruby Pier from his childhood. Not long after he meets his first person in heaven. Each person he meets learns him a lesson, so in the end he met five people and learned five lessons. Throughout the stories you also get to attend some of his birthdays. In this way you get to know Eddie bit by bit, in the birthday chapters he tells his own stories and in the ‘meeting’ chapters someone explains events in his life.

So, what did I think of the book? Well, it was fun to get to know the main character this way. I like the concept of this book very much, sometimes I had trouble reading through it though. Not because it was too complicated or not well written, just because the story lost my interest at times. I was too eager to know who the next person was to finish the chapter I was reading properly.

My final verdict: I liked it a lot but didn’t love it like I thought I would. Maybe my expectations were too high. It’s an interesting book to read nonetheless & I don’t believe in a heaven ( or hell) but if there was one ( first of all, I would be wrong in my beliefs) I hope it will be this one. I don’t mind getting my life explained to me by five people.

I believe Sam didn’t introduce them to you already but from now on ( and also retroactively) I’m going to rate each book with SMAXX coins. They are kinda like the five stars on Goodreads but these are especially designed for this project. So here’s my rating:

smaxx pointsmaxx pointsmaxx pointsmaxxpoint-1:2


And also don’t forget to check out Sam’s review!!! (CLICK HER NAME, NOW)


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